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Next-generation digital currency inspired by the success of Bitcoin. FirstCoin is an alternative digital currency that differs from Bitcoin, characterized by faster transactions. FirstCoin’s authenticity is supported by its presence on the exchange: www.livecoin.net. Find out more about FirstCoin.
ECO Sharing
ECO Sharing
Our goal is to use FirstCoin to connect, coordinate, and support startups showing great potential. Under the FirstCoin aegis, project participants receive varying shares of sharing economy and crowdfounding company successes.
Purchase FirstCoin or sell other digital currencies through ATM’s. Soon, a startup operating a crypto currency ATM network will join us, providing project participants with varying shares. It is closer than you’d think…
Why are crypto currencies the future of financials? Why are they special? What advantages do they provide for you? We believe crypto currencies are the future of finances and consider them indispensable in acquiring comprehensive knowledge on the subject.
The FirstCoin membership allows you to be part of the success story of the newest crypto currency. Popularizing the club provides you with rewards. The more club members help popularize the club, the more your FirstCoin will be worth. Join now: www.firstcoin.club

Rewards for You

Join the Firstcoin community and you can receive additional coins, which you can freely forward, exchange and at any exchange place, or even continue collecting.

If you have Firstcoins and join the community, you can receive featured rewards for your coins.

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Why Firstcoin?


There are no limitations, it works everywhere. You can send Firstcoin just as easily as an e-mail, and it is almost just as fast. It does not matter what hidden part of the world you are in, you can send and receive Firstcoin in seconds. There are no banks to slow down your transactions, so they are completed almost immediately, even on the weekends.


Firstcoin is based on the unique technology of Bitcoin. Thanks to block chain technology you can track coin generation and transaction authenticity. The network checks and authenticates itself, so it cannot be circumvented. Firstcoin provides strong abuse protection.


Just like Bitcoin, Firstcoin is unaffected by problematic banks, governments, countries, authorities, or governments. You can quickly and easily download a Firstcoin wallet, or register online without limitations or even entering personal information. Transactions are anonymous and personal information is not shared.


You can open or download a Firstcoin wallet free of charge. There are no monthly account fees, there is no need for a bank card. Even the transactions are almost free.


Firstcoin simulates the value adding limitation of gold. At most 110 million can be mined, so it cannot inflate like real currency, which countries have a tendency to print in large quantities.


We primarily concentrate on expanding the number of Firstcoin participating businesses. Besides programmers, a large part of our team includes internationally known marketing and networking specialists with considerable connections.

Firstcoin Value Protection Program (F.V.P.P.).

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How can I get Firstcoin?

Through the following exchanges:

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For the latest news, please check the official Firstcoin Facebook page:

Firstcoin's Features

Name: FirstCoin
Coin abbreviation: FRST
Coin type: POW/POS Hybrid
Premine: Yes 109.9M
Algo: Scrypt

  • 110M
    Total coins
  • 60
    Block time (sec)
  • 6
  • 1
    Block reward (Satoshi)
  • 2.5M
    Block reward halving rate

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